PJ Nelson & Co. PTY LTD

Global Strategy and Business Consulting

P.J.Nelson & Co.Pty Ltd, Global Strategy Consultants, was first registered in 1964 under auspices of Anthony Nelson OBE, Austrian Consul General in Adelaide, Dean of the Consular Corps, and MD of Woodley Wines Pty Ltd, joined by son Peter Nelson after his attending Duntroon Military College and then completing an Economics/Accounting/Law degree at Sydney University. The company has since been used as the private consulting platform for Peter Nelson individually and in conjunction with other selected consultants where apropriate. For current comments see BLOG page.

Our Team and Expertise

The company's basic expertise stemmed from its founder's experimentation with various companies as part of the learning experience while qualifying in Economics, Accounting and Law at Sydney University. One research company he founded was in market research winning a contract to conduct reader attitudes prior to the formulation of The Australian National Newspaper. P J Nelson & Co. was requisitioned to provide advice to other small business start-ups and also contracted to provide policy advice to a number of different political parties. Peter Nelson then qualified as a Chartered Accountant with Price Waterhouse in Sydney and established Nelson & Co., Chartered Accountants alongside the earlier consulting company. The company was fortunate enough to obtain one major client ready to accept Peter's out of the box ideas which allowed him to expand the company considerably by horizontal and vertical diversification. Following that success he went off-shore joining selected specialists working on international assignments, first in Africa with the United Nations and the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN, then with the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, and the European Union before returning to Sydney and Nelson Wheeler Chartered Accountants

The company now has extensive experience in Project Management, Public Financial Management, Policy and Sectoral Analysis, Business Development, Corporate Valuation and Restructuring, Corporate Acquisitions, Public Sector Reform, SME Development, Financial Management, Change Management, Corporate Governance, Capacity Building, Trade facilitation, as well in Training. One major focus in now on  identification of new innovations specifically in Science and Technology and as has always been the company's expertise, helping entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to the market. This fits in with trying to promote a more sustainable earth where the company was a pioneer pursuing emission reduction and climate resilience -  and as they say, the rest is history...


Working with the Vietnamese Ministry of Science and Technology running an Incubator Fund financed by the Belgium Government, Peter Nelson provides on line virtual innovation support for anyone attempting to develop new ideas and bring them to the market.

In the last 100 years there have been only several hundred new ideas but the expansion has been in developing and adapting those concepts. Take for example the invention of the eye glass. This in ityself did not invent but allowed the users to develop intricate machinery otherwise not possible.

It is however little use if the idea can't be brought to the market or is not financially sustainable and that is where we try to help with the necessary expertise. For initial contact go to the online form on this site...