When helping people decide on life choices, the art is not to tell them what they should do even if you know what you would tell them but to try and lead them into making that correct choice themselves. The adage of “A man convinced against his will is... Read More

Between a rock and a hard place

With a Presidential election coming up, the fight by Trump to keep his tax returns out of the public eye continues. As I posted before he even became President, these returns would always come back to haunt him, not necessarily because they show any... Read More


To follow up my recently published book, “They don’t lie to children do they?” I’d like to follow this up with another book, “Can the truth set you free?”. Where currently there is a major debate in Australia about the public’s right to know and the... Read More

They don't lie to children do they?

The new book published on both Amazon on and kindle examines what happens during the lifetime of a person brought up to be told a lie which then affects the rest of their life. In this case the story starts with the young boy in war-torn Austria sent to... Read More

Climate Change - The new religion

From the time when humans climbed out of the caves or swung down from the trees they have been asking the questions, “Where did I come from and where am I going?” The biggest question was, “What happens when a person dies?” This remains the most... Read More

Negotiation Madness

Over the years many books have been written about negotiation techniques from many different perspectives. Out of the most famous western ideologies, the main theme appears to have been to keep bombarding the other side in one way or the other until... Read More

Universal basic Income and the threat to democracy as we know it.

Some of the greatest minds of the century have predicted that, up to at least 80 percent, if not more, of the world’s workforce will be replaced by computers or artificial intelligence, the only uncertainty is about the time frame. The average prediction... Read More

Urban Development 2120

Abstract: The year 2120 may appear a long way into the future but even one hundred years flows quickly. The global population is said to have reached the first billion in 1804, four billion in 1974, six billion in 1999, seven billion in 2012 and is... Read More

Mentoring-life is looking for the pony...

Were I to start off in a life mentoring role, I would ask the individual to think of themselves as the mentor and ask how they would advise themselves. So a good way to start would be to set out a personal SWAT (strength, weakness, opportunities and... Read More

What is worse than fake news?

With our daily exposure to fake news through the traditional media and now where everyone with a computer seems to want to write a BLOG, we see something more insidious creeping in. This is twisting what could be real news into something which looks like... Read More