Last snow of winter

Tuesday, October 14, 2014 - 17:06

Having had the experience of the last snow of winter on Perisher and some brilliant weather in Sydney at least, this morning the news reported new snow in Katoomba. Visiting the snow however it is brilliant to see how quickly young people pick up new skills. One lesson and they are on the tows. On the other hand one has to wonder whether as one ages standing at the top of a ski slope  it is really just like “once you know how to ride a bike…” since even moderate slopes can become a bit daunting. Even in daylight. I can’t really look back and believe that as part of the ski patrol I’d once headed down in the dead of night from the top of Thredbo following the rest of the team on the rescue sled. Or even imagine myself now a days driving from Cape Town to Cairo while at the time it seemed like just something to do.

Of course in Sydney they now have an indoor ski slope so you don’t have to get cold, use a chairlift or call for help if you fall down. It’s right next to the trampoline centre so you can burn off the excess kilograms there since they don’t have air-conditioning.

 Peter Nelson