Separation of systems

  With the eventual introduction of an eventual Universal Basic Income [UBI], already trialed and predicted to be a reality within 30 years, there will be political changes. The rationale being that if you have one person one vote, and people get paid an... Read More

If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck it might still not be...

Recent discussion on the educational curriculum’s inadequacy when it comes to science keeps politicians trying to throw more money at the problem. Putting that issue into my problem-solving box, a major idea springs out. We teach science one way or... Read More

Corporate Social Responsibility

CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY REPORTING As an independent strategy consultant, there are often issues which have many sides to the coin. A current trend is for companies to try and make themselves appear socially responsible so their customers or... Read More

Will the computer win?

My first restructuring was while I was still at school and my father bought out the shareholders of Woodley Wines Ltd and turned it into a private company. My second was with Price Waterhouse during internship in Sydney with a takeover of Continental... Read More


With debate now off and running on the Australian Budget brought down last night, it brings back the question of confrontation and what can be done about it. In politics one side makes its pitch and then of course the other side has to have... Read More


How do you make a country great again. History says build an army. When you have an army, what do you do with it? Hoping always that you are wrong, even after predicting Trump’s presidency long before he was even considered a contended, the catch phrase... Read More


Hard line communism did not work and now democracy as we know it is about to change. With the Trump inauguration looming it is pertinent to reflect on the changing face of democracy. With the advent of social media people don’t have to wait for elections... Read More


BETWEEN A ROCK AND A HARD PLACE Lack of government interest in social engineering will ensure that people will live longer. What no one seems to know is what to do with this added life span. Japan has been experiencing a new trend in their workforce with... Read More


One of the most successful ploys for politicians is to throw a dead cat on the table. The dead cat means nothing, suggests anything and is a perfect diversion. Harvard MBA 101 advises that if you or your company ever get attacked for any perceived... Read More

Trump-his elephant in the room

      As Presidential candidate, so far they have not been able to throw enough mud at Donald Trump to make it stick. There is still the problem over his refusal to release his tax details. And therein lies the elephant in the room.   Unlike a... Read More