BIPP is about to launch the first call for proposals. Background: Vietnam has made significant progress in its socio-economic development but despite these achievements, the growth process has encountered serious problems that threaten... Read More

Advancement of science

My collegue Darrell drew attention to Shulem Deen’s revelations in "All who go do not return" and his demise after losing his Jewish faith. I responded by pointing out total rejection and death followed an Australian aboriginal having the tribe point the... Read More

Donor funding direction

When you are young and don’t want to speak out to rock the boat, you don’t look too closely at what you do and just take the money.   When you get older and to the point where you don’t have a future career to worry about, you look a little more closely... Read More


Having worked in 52 countries I might have a different view of the world from the average Australian but I do find it funny how the local attitude of the main stream media seems to pretend that other nationalities do not exist. Look through the main... Read More

Management theory 12.1

Does an organisation need a tenth man? In the terrible movie, World War Z despite inclusion of Brad Pitt, facing the world’s imminent demise at hand of zombies, one of the characters suggests the Israelis had invented the need for a “Tenth Man”.  The... Read More

Problem solving - advanced course

David Baldacci in one of his novels envisages an American intelligence initiative where every item of gathered information from around the world is projected on a giant screen, his WALL. A super intelligent human is then found with the ability to analyse... Read More

Tasmania revisited

Returning to Tasmania on a journalistic endevour to commemorate the 40 years since destruction of the Tasman Bridge a lot seems to have changed except the population of the state. It is probably safe to say it now but the day before the bridge was hit I... Read More

The loneliness of the long distance consultant

You start on an exciting career abroad. It’s new, different and you meet all sorts of interesting people. You do well and the next job comes along. By now you have covered Tanzania, Kenya and gone on safari in Zambia. Time to step up so you go to a job... Read More

China in perspective

In 1999 in Beijing as part of the EU I gave a lecture to a visiting parliamentary group from Scandinavia on future outcomes for China. In that I predicted that China’s GDP would exceed that of the USA within ten years although not on a per capita basis,... Read More


Over the years the company through Peter Nelson's involvement has carried out Mentoring for individual professions from a number of companies. P J Nelson & Co. continues to offer this services and further information can be requested from the... Read More