Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t

Dammed if you do, dammed if you don’t Who would want to be a 21st century politician? Obama is now getting it on a daily basis as he seems to be ambushed with everything around his which his normal platitudes can't solve. It is fairly obvious that... Read More

Foreign investment

Foreign investment   In the news this morning was the ever increasing amount of foreign investment in Australia, much of which seems to be outside preventative legislation. In about 1975 I was I believe the first to sell rural property to the Japanese, a... Read More


With my ten year old being taught about global warming at school along with its effects, our homework discussion turned to the causes being a matter of opinion. This lead into the topic of relativity and how one person’s perception might vary from... Read More

Who would like the job of the Australian Treasurer Joe Hockey?

Apart from his own budget woes, anyone worth their salt is re positioning themselves for a global financial meltdown which is particularly going to hit Australia hard. The economy has had it too good for two long and the roosters are coming back to visit... Read More

Last snow of winter

Having had the experience of the last snow of winter on Perisher and some brilliant weather in Sydney at least, this morning the news reported new snow in Katoomba. Visiting the snow however it is brilliant to see how quickly young people pick up new... Read More

Marketing 101

A friend’s son who started working at McDonalds behind the counter at Thornleigh went on to work as a chef in London and is now back as chef for the leading restaurant in Sydney. So if you want to start learning about marketing their model is a good... Read More

Swiss bank accounts

On the current subject of "follow the money" as a reminder that anything is possible, one assignment the company was faced with was tracking down Australia’s then possibly number one tax defaulter. The government knew this low life who made his start... Read More

When in Rome...

With all the discussion in Australia on whether or not to ban the wearing of burqa, The American wife of a friend of mine working in Saudi says that when in that country she always goes out in a burqa since without it she would not only be stared at by... Read More

Bamboo curtain

With the current focus on terrorism in Australia, it is interesting to look at this separation of “them versus us” which has long be a taboo subject for our necessity of being politically correct. I actually started researching this while trying to... Read More

Global threats

 Now that Australia has responded to the threat of the criminal organisation ISIS, and the idea is to blow them off the planet, presumably that fixes that. There is no doubt ISIS is a criminal organisation nor is there any doubt that they need to be... Read More