About us

Our Team

As most people are aware, international consulting companies maintain a core staff of experts in their main business areas and then recruit specialists from their data bases to suit specific complex assignments. Few companies can afford to pay specific expert staff year round during the months of inactivity during which bids are processed and still remain competitive. Our team of experts have global experience in speciality areas and are handpicked from those who deliver consistent performance. We are not a "job shop" or recruitment agency simply designed to advertise, recruit, charge a fee and move on. We do specialise in coming up with solutions where others have given up.

Our Management

In line with our company objectives, we have an excellent hands-on management team who for international assignments have our field experts' interests at heart. We are selective in deciding which projects should be handled and stick to our core business. Not only do we recruit only the best people for all assignments but they are fully "back stopped" all the way and reviewed at the top. Our catch phrases are "Achieve value added and sustainability". 

Our Associates

Having worked for international donors such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, DFID and other bilateral agencies, AusAID (now DFAT), Danida and JICA etc. Our associate companies also work under the same umbrella of international donors. The Associates and Associate companies are all specifically selected within our core business to bring quality to the various assignments. Our main criteria for selection of associates is to have them fit in with our core philosophy of delivering capacity building so that at the end of any assignment, local recipients can continue without assistance.