Current Global Issues

Looking forward to important issues

P J Nelson & Co. Pty Ltd as a small private company reflecting the views of its owners is not bound to follow general consensus and has always looked forward to important issues long before they became current topics. Global warming to coin that phrase, was one of these issues considered long ago. Work commenced on sustainable forest rotations in the 1960s and continued with designs to lower emissions and to make these economically viable.

Whether one gets into the argument of climate change being all manmade or not, no one could argue with the need to reduce the massive emissions coming from certain parts of the world but we have to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The answers have to be sustainable and this is where the company has focused its attention. A typical approach is to reduce the cost of the supporting bureaucracy and eliminating hysteria to get down to practical economically sustainable solutions so we can all keep enjoying this planet.