Having benefited from this himself early in his career, Peter Nelson also offers MENTORING to selected individuals who believe they might derive some benefit from his global experience, advising on both public and private projects. This service is linked to his provision of on line VIRTUAL INCUBATOR services for individuals hoping to bring new innovations to market.


No matter how well you are doing in your life, it often helps to stand back and have someone to review your perspectives. It’s a bit like business psychiatry where you bounce off your ideals, goals and any hurdles you might be facing.


The bottom line if you chose a mentor is that you want someone with sufficient experience and success with life in general.

Peter came to Australia from Austria on his own at age seven and was brought up by his father’s sister and her wealthy husband in Adelaide. He attended Prince Alfred College gaining full school colours in rowing, athletics and Australian Rules football while also holding the Senior Cadet Under Officer position which led to an invitation to enrol at Duntroon Military Staff College in Canberra.

While exceeding in the theoretical art of killing, Peter did not see this as his life’s career and opted out. Through all this time he was not legally adopted so continued in some sort of limbo. Having to move out of home in Adelaide he enrolled in medicine but found he could not work full time and study so found employment working with leading doctors in a Psychiatric hospital giving him a hands on introduction to psychiatry.

The psychiatric side of medicine and the necessary transference involved disalusioned him, so Peter changed to an Economics/Accounting/Law degree at Sydney University. Life was still tough having to support himself to some extent in his accustomed lifestyle so he set up and ran a number of businesses including a Real Estate agency, a one-stop home handyman service, a market research company which interviewed people if they wanted a national newspaper (founding the Australian) and then used this experience to help others establish new companies. Once set up he usually sold his investments and moved on.

While helping someone out at the North Shore rubbish tip he was recruited to help set up the Australian subsidiary for the largest timber company in the world and then on finishing university, went for an apprenticeship at Price Waterhouse Sydney. PWs had a major US company wanting to buy an Australian winery so needed someone who knew about wine. Peter got to head the job and remained in the Managing Consulting Division.

Headhunted to Tasmania to help a large pastoral company get off the sheep’s back and set up a farmer coop timber company, Peter moved to Hobart and set up his own Chartered Accounting and consulting company. On the side he taught at the University of Tasmania, had a weekly economic TV slot on the ABC’s “This Day Tonight”, sat on the ABC Advisory Board, had a weekly restauranting column in the local paper under title NOSHER, and ran a weekly subscription hard cover news magazine, the forerunner of our current BLOGS. 

Wanting to see more of the world, Peter was recruited to the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the UN where he worked on restructuring State-owned Enterprises (Parastatals) in first Tanzania and then Kenya before moving to Manila to join the Asian Development Bank. Having previously qualified for a pilot’s license in Australia he renewed his license locally in both Africa and the Philippines to enjoy flying over wide expanses of territory.

Covering development projects all over Asia and the Pacific, in his spare time he set up the still existing Philippine Sub-Aqua Club and under this trained and qualified some 200 members over the next four years. He also bought a 32 foot Yacht and raced in two China Sea races from Hong Kong to Manila. The boat he finally brought to Australia meanwhile qualifying as an international yachting instructor under the RYA.

After ADB Peter went back to Sydney for a while but was sent off as Technical Director for the Hong Kong Society of Accountants handling the handover of Hong Kong, and then went off again on the consulting trail in Africa, Eastern Europe and Asia.

One major long-term project was the EU’s largest multi-sector project across China on a 60m Euro grant with 61 international consultants. Three previous team leaders had been sacked but Peter turned the project around successfully. After further long-term projects in Vietnam advising their Ministry of Finance on State Owned Enterprises and infrastructure development, Peter headed the long-term World Bank largest Public Financial Management project in Bangladesh.

Through all of this Peter managed to invest and follow private interests allowing him to buy properties in Australia, the Philippines and Vietnam demonstrating considerable business acumen while carrying out assignments around the globe.

On this brief summary, it can be noted that Peter also managed to bring up children who went on to be successful and always managed to enjoy life both as part of his work and in relaxation. With other qualifications in journalism, as an ombudsman, and novelist, the list of interests has been broad including regular university lecturing under various MBA programmes.

The point of all this is that Peter Nelson has demonstrated a well-rounded and successful life package from which others could benefit. Consequently, if you have any ideas you want to bounce off someone, then Peter as mentor is your man…


The mentoring programme can be tailored to individual requirements. Depends in the end what it is worth to you.


You send us a note expressing interest and a brief outline of who you are and what you do. We get back to you and a time is made for an initial interview on SKYPE or by phone. At this interview, we set a schedule of meetings/contacts and a time frame which includes a cutoff/assessment date. We also decide on a payment scheme and this is agreed.