Thursday, August 5, 2021 - 21:08

Can there be questions in relation to Climate Change which can’t be asked?

Since humans have always needed stories to explain what they did not understand, those stories became unquestionable since objecting could have one ostracized or expelled from the tribe. If an Australian aboriginal had the bone pointed at him, he wondered off into the desert to die alone.

With no record of women having been thus expelled, this suggests the Darwinian sanctity of human evolution where breeding and carrying forward the line remains unquestionable.

So where does this relate to Climate Change? And don’t be confused since Climate has always been changing, the current problem is where humans are helping to accelerate this change with what could lead to dire consequences. There in lies the question which is not permitted to be asked. How about there being too many humans on the planet contributing to our own predicted demise?

There is endless talk on what needs to be done about arresting climate change whether in reducing CO2 emissions from polluting industries to stopping deforestation as simple examples, up to curtailing flatulence from cows. Endless money is being allocated on this aid flavour of the month but almost nothing has been said in regard to stopping the human contribution to the problem.

When living in developed countries with lower per head birth rates, or Singapore where there are incentives for smart people to breed, the rest of the world is overlooked by anyone not going out there to transverse say Africa, North Korea or China and see the miserable lives some people live contributing to changing climate for no fault on their own. In Africa, passing three people dead in the gutter this week and last year skirting at least three dead in the street on the way to work in Manila demonstrates that climate change is far from anyone’s interest. Back from an afternoon’s shopping, plastic shopping bags abound.

Going back to the question which can’t be asked, why can not an effort be made to at least educate people in breeding habits which could direct humans to have a better individual life? OK, China’s one child policy did not work when there was no one to care for four grandparents but that was always a quick fix solution. Nor is a policy where there are now around 45 million more males in China than females the solution, as neither is killing off the elderly. But on the top of the cry of GLOBAL WARMING, how about attention and money spent on the humanitarian side of the problem which is after all the biggest contributor…<img src="/sites/default/files/questions_not_permitted_0.jpg" width="224" height="224" alt="" />