They don't lie to children do they?

Wednesday, October 23, 2019 - 10:54

The new book published on both Amazon on and kindle examines what happens during the lifetime of a person brought up to be told a lie which then affects the rest of their life. In this case the story starts with the young boy in war-torn Austria sent to Australia by his mother on the pretext of visiting a little girl Elizabeth on her farm. The boy gets to Australia never to see his mother again but finds that there is no farm although there is a girl Elizabeth. With no paperwork to enable him to be adopted, the boy grows up on his own but with a wealthy family in Australia having to find for himself what is true and what is a story.

In this search for identity he reads and studies whatever he can, settling first on the Bible story as drummed in at school and the belief that the example of Jesus was what should be exemplified. Growing up, first in military College, working in the worst psychiatric hospital in the world and then on at university before working in 52 countries across the globe, the Bible story tends to demonstrate more fiction than reality while the boy still, now man, attempts to work out the difference between what he lives and what are the lies.

Through the level of discovery, along comes the digital age where it is now possible to access almost all historical available data and where it is now easy to prove that the Bible as with other religions was no more than a good story designed and propagated in the Roman era to keep its dominions under control. It also allows an understanding of the historical emergence from Jews to Christians to Muslims as monotheists as distinct from other religions and their many gods. Continuing then in the search between lies and truth, the man discovers that the extent of lies in the world are extensive and if people can deal that way with children indoctrinating them in not just religion but by that defining their entire lives, they do in fact lie to children don't they?