One of the most successful ploys for politicians is to throw a dead cat on the table. The dead cat means nothing, suggests anything and is a perfect diversion. Harvard MBA 101 advises that if you or your company ever get attacked for any perceived... Read More

Trump-his elephant in the room

      As Presidential candidate, so far they have not been able to throw enough mud at Donald Trump to make it stick. There is still the problem over his refusal to release his tax details. And therein lies the elephant in the room.   Unlike a... Read More

God Save the Queen

With the UK about to decide if it wants to remain in the EU, the arguments for and against Brexit rage on. When the UK did not adopt the EU common currency it might be argued that it was never convinced anyway and this is just the next step.  When the EU... Read More

When a speech can be too good - ask Hillary

Hillary Clinton’s brilliant crafted acceptance speech putting her as the first female contender for the white house unfortunately will cement a win for Donald Trump. That is the problem when you are too good. It was another speech. The average voter is... Read More

Easter memory

Easter For those millions around the world stopping to reflect on the significance of Easter this weekend, it would be a good time to reflect on the conundrum posed by the saying “No good deed will ever go unpunished”. As an ultimate sceptic and... Read More

Revenge porn

Before embarking on a journey of revenge, dig two graves: Confucius.    Australia witnessed one of the most remarkable TV interviews this week with a crew following disgraced whistle-blower Cathy Jackson and her paramour Fair Work Commission Vice... Read More

Age discrimination

Australia makes a big deal in regard to anti-discrimination especially in the workplace.    All Australian employees regardless of who they work for, or the size of the company, have rights to be protected from unlawful discrimination. Unlawful... Read More

Want to buy a bridge?

Headlines shout sale of Darwin Port to Chinese. Chinese energy and infrastructure group Landbridge, a privately owned Chinese company has obtained a 99 year lease of the Port of Darwin for $506 million after it was privatized by the Northern Territory... Read More

Life is not fair

Image: courtesy Freedommouthpost Life is not fair but for governments it should be seen to be fair. Governments of the West believe that they govern on high standards. Fair enough, that is no less than what the voters expect. Everyone knows that this... Read More

Trump winning profile

Looking at the psychology of the Trump campaign, to put it simply, he is saying what many people would say were they in a position to say it. And he does not really care since he is in a “win win” situation, should he pull off the Presidency he wins and... Read More